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Heart of a Man, Body of a Merman

Phillip finished his shower and by the end of it gills had fully appeared on his next, his skin became covered in translucent scales and his hands and feet webbed completely. He turned off the shower and stepped out. He dabbed his skin, the towel catching on his coarse skin. He had gone through so many towels since coming here. After drying himself somewhat, Phillip stepped forward in front of the mirror and watched himself morph back into his human form. Once he was completely ‘normal’ he finished drying off and wrapped the towel around his waist.

Phillip finished getting ready for the day. As he did so he couldn’t help but to think about the events to come for his day. He was going to visit the aquarium today, something he hadn’t been brave enough to attempt since moving here. His hands shook slightly and he was a little more light headed than normal. Phillip, finally ready to grab some breakfast before heading out, stopped to look in the mirror once more. He studied his appearance. His hair was now brushed back, his face looked cleaner. Perhaps it was the redness that was missing from around his eyes, or the sleepy drop of his mouth. He had chosen a simple black button up shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing too fancy; He didn’t want to stand out. Even through his simple clothing it was evident that Phillip was a toned man, especially his upper body. Years of using his arms, shoulders and abs had created a strong frame, one that attracted many women of this land. 

Phillip made his way out of his small, one roomed, apartment. He decided to walk to the aquarium. He thought to himself ‘hey, if you’ve got feet…use them!’ It didn’t take Phillip long to arrive, perhaps 30 minutes at most. He had forgotten to wear his watch today. He walked into the front entrance of the aquarium where he was greeted by a younger female. She looked to be about eighteen or nineteen, probably a college student working for the aquarium on the weekend. Her eyes stood out on her face more than anything. The shade was a deep blue, the blue of the ocean’s deep. They were dark and as he peered into them, they almost seemed to be moving. They reminded him of home. He couldn’t stop himself from starring into them. 

If Phillip had been able to look away from her eyes he would have noticed that she was a very beautiful young woman. She had long blonde hair that turned darker at the ends. The colors seemed to fade into each other. She had a slender body but she was ample where a woman should be. His eyes would have lingered as he ran over the hump of her breasts, had he looked. He would have seen the soft, almost delicate features that made up her face. Her legs were long and one could only assume they were smooth to the touch like that of a rose petal. Still, despite her other charming attributes, Phillip couldn’t tear himself away from her eyes. 

He hesitated much too long looking at her and there was tension in the air. Whether it be a sense of awkwardness, confusion or arousal, it was hard to tell. Finally, Phillip forced himself to look away and spoke. 

"I’d like to purchase a ticket to the aquarium for today, Miss." He said his voice soft and broken.
Normally she would have offered a fake smile and chattered excitedly about the featured exhibit, but right now she found she was at a loss for words. She didn’t speak as she rang the man up, but rather handed him his ticket. Some would have viewed this as rude, but Phillip didn’t give it a second thought. She avoided eye contact for the most part. He made her uncomfortable, especially after the first elongated meeting of their eyes.

Phillip walked further into the aquarium. It was so familiar…but at the same time so wrong. He frowned slightly at the thought of the captivated fish, the creatures he used to call friends. He walked amongst the tanks, brushing his hands along the glass and stopping. He would gaze into the tanks for hours. His focus would fade in and out of reality and past. 

Unknown to Phillip, hours had past as he stood there. The aquarium would soon be closing. It had darkened outside and the aquarium had slowly grown quiet. The tourists had left. The sounds of whining children disappeared, the complaining of teenagers faded and the laughter of mothers trailed off. Phillips hand was still pressed up against the glass as the young woman tapped him on the shoulder.

"Um, Sir…we’re clos…" her voice trailed off as Phillip turned to look at her. His eyes, now a violent green, peered deep into her blue ones. As their eyes met once again it was as if the seaweed of the ocean waved and shook when the ocean around it reared with currents and emotion. Without a word he reached up and brushed the back of his hand against her cheek. The ripples in his knuckles rubbed against the smooth curve of her cheek. He let his index finger trail down her high cheek bone. She didn’t even try to pull away for she was mesmerized by his gaze, his touch, his body. Phillip’s presence was unnatural and unusual to her and she was completely entranced. Phillip, being back in reality now, he knew she was under his spell. He reached his other hand out and wrapped it around the curve of her small waist. He drew her into him slowly, wanting to feel her warm body against his. Inch by inch she drew closer to his body. His heart’s beat increased as the entirety of her frame pressed against him. He had never felt the touch of a warm blooded woman before this moment. The heat from her skin poured into his, almost causing him to groan out with pleasure at the initial contact.

Phillip kept their bodies together as he led her by the hips to the man-made pond outside. He didn’t dare break their contact as he could both lose her attention and tremble at the loss of her touch. Their travel was slow but he didn’t care if it meant keeping her searing body against him. Soon he could smell the water. Its clear, almost sultry, smell mixed with his own arousal as it filled his nostrils. This only increased the pleasure Phillip was feeling. He visibly grimaced as he knew he had to take his hands off of her body. Phillip didn’t dare break eye contact as he stepped into the water. He could already feel his feet and legs beginning to change into that of which he was at heart. The young woman was discernibly reaching toward him with her entire body. He reached his firm hands up and once again wrapped them around her waist as he lowered her down into the cool water. She shivered as she was guided into the water but her face still held a look of pleasure. 

Phillip began to back them into the water causing their bodies to become more and more immersed. The girl’s nipples were hardening and Phillip could certainly see them through her light colored shirt. He brought one of the hands from her waist up and brushed it against her left breast. His hands were already changing, the bottoms of his fingers netting together. He brushed the back of his skin against her nipple through her blouse. Her lips parted and she let out a soft whimper. His senses were heightened and he could smell, even taste, her uncontrollable desire for him. 

Phillip could barely hold back, barely contain himself. He wanted to fuck her right now. He could feel the hardness of himself through his jeans, the material straining against him, holding back the part of him that wanted to be unrestricted. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. His body had now chilled to that of his fish self. Her lips scorched his and he couldn’t get enough of the feeling. He pressed his harder against hers, his tongue coming out to brush against her lip. He pressed it into her mouth the warm cave engulfing his own cool tongue. Letting out a moan into her mouth, Phillip brought a hand up against her hair. His hand was fully weaved now and her hair caught on the jagged scales of his skin. 

Phillip broke the kiss away and began to shed their clothing. Piece by piece they were revealed to each other. Her smooth skin, warm to his touch, a light pink blush scattered on it and his coarse, scaled skin- the same temperature as the water they were surrounded by. They stood naked together, their bodies sweeping against each other’s. Phillip pushed forward again now, this time his hard length pressing into her stomach, just a little above the part of her that was warmer than the rest. He brought one of his webbed hands down and grabbed her thigh. He guided her leg over his to rest on his hip, causing her to float in the water. She looked like a beautiful creature, an angel fish, floating. Her hair spread out behind her, rippling with the waves their movements made. 

Phillips cock was now pressed up against her pussy, the warmth almost engulfing him. With a moan he pushed forward, pressing its thickness into her. 

He let out a mangled moan "Oh God…"

The girl only whimpered in response, incapable of forming actual words. His member pressed into her, filling her searing sheath. He began rocking his hips, thrusting into her faster and faster. His eyes still peered into hers, not daring to break contact for even a second. He began thrusting faster and faster, the animal coming out in him. He almost abandoned his human side completely. The water around them grew violent, splashes rising over their bodies, covering them completely. The girl wasn’t silent anymore, but rather she was moaning at his every thrust. She needed him and it was evident in the sounds of her moans. She had never been fucked in such a way before. 

Her body was responding to his, it was in control. It was almost if her mind was locked away and her basic instincts arose. Phillip wanted her to mate with him; he wanted to feel his seed pour into her, to fill her. He grunted, pulling her hips hard against his making a loud slapping noise echo in the pool. Although his body was cold, the area where their groans met was searing with heat. Phillip was so close to release. He could feel his balls begin to tingle, to tighten. He longed to release into her. He was going to claim her and make her his. With one final grunt, Phillip slowed his thrusts. His cock jerked and began to fill her with his thick enricher. His cum was not like that of a regular man, but rather that of a fish, a creature of the sea. Endlessly he jerked his release into her, filling her. He watched as her belly bulged out slowly from the amount of fluid he was filling her with. 

He knew she would carry his genes. He could feel it in his soul. As he finished his release he brought his webbed hand up to her face and brushed it along her cheek once more. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, feeling the delicate skin of her lips against his one last time. Phillip’s eyes started to fade, not back into brown, but rather into an almost empty black. His lips parted as his body fell back, almost floating against the water. His body went limp and the only movement made by him was the gentle rocking of his body in the hands of the water. Phillip had completed his life cycle.,518996.0.html